Vintage BMW With Fuel Injected VW Engine

By Adam Arcane, words and photos

Brent is a retired pilot for a major airline who lives North of San Fran in a vineyard. He has a full shop and is surrounded by the things he loves, such as his perfect BSA Goldstar, and his pristine and rare R50S. He’s a master tech and everything he does is perfect. I spied his vintage BMW rig with its Zeppelin style Steib sidecar at a stoplight once upon a time. We hooked up and he shared his amazing, one-off rig with me. The Dover White R69S with matching Steib German car is something to see, and to ride. The VW 36 horse flat four was given a custom, designed by owner, fuel injection set up that works perfectly. Take a good look at the rig.

“The unique rig in all its splendor. The Hoske tank is a rare thing, as is the Steib 500 series round nose car.”


“Brent designed and built the detailed sidecar suspension himself.”


“Close up”


“The littlest VW engine was heavily modified by Brett, as you can see. The union to the BMW gear box is a feat of engineering unto itself, as are the intakes and injectors, and all the attendant electronics.”


“The timeless grace of the Steib and the uniquely modified machine makes it one of the most beautiful rigs on the road.”