BMW R NineT Legend GS

By Luismoto

Photo by: Laudonia Giancarlo

BMW R NineT Legend GS is the name of this bike built by Luismoto. As a starting point, a BMW R NineT Scrambler was used to create a new bodywork and finally painted with livery that reminds the “Legendary” BMW R100GS 90 years and could in fact be the evolution of the model if BMW over the years Had not given the GS name to a completely different bike.

Simple but sophisticated in materials This “Legend” by Luismoto, the bodywork is made of carbon while the titanium or aluminum accessories all benefit the weight and therefore also maneuverability.

Starting from the front Luismoto has built a new front fender and a new dome that resume the lines of the R100GS but slimmed, the front optical assembly was moved higher by making the whole front more impressive. New also these carbon fiber shredders, but the most notable thing is the new gas tank, which is always carbon fiber but larger in size just as they used the GS for the off-road raids we all know.

At the back we notice the new saddle covered in genuine blue leather with the embroidered GS logo, the close to the large luggage rack with attached passenger handles and fitted with load hooks hooks. Nearly invisible the new rear headlight, a LED headband that takes the forms of the saddle of the saddle and integrated in addition to the red position light also has the stop light and direction indicators, all this in just 20cm of ultra high brightness .

Regarding the accessories nothing is the case, the new carbon suction pipe houses a sporty tapered outer filter, below are the suction ducts that start from the throttle bodies to end up in the original titanium airbox with sight welds . The airbox and the battery are now covered by the new aluminum door counters, and the small rear end mirror mirrors. All of these accessories will soon be available for sale on the e-commerce of the vendor, many of which are already online for sale to the general public and industry companies around the world.

Carbon parts will be available to be painted, painted in transparent glossy or Painted with opaque transparent all this to satisfy the most demanding customers and give them the ability to customize the accessory as well. In addition to buying the entire kit or separately Luismoto will match this “Ninet Legend” model to other NineTs customized for sale.