BIKE STORY – BMW R 69 S “Thompson”

By Nina Becaj –

You need a strong weapon when you decide to take out a gangster that’s been dominating the scene for way too long. We decided it’s time to build one – our own Thompson. Early this year a German doctor called us in to build him a version of our ‘Mobster’ build. Our challenge was to use it for our inspiration but we had to surpass it in many ways. We wanted to build something that speaks of history, craftsmanship and modern technology. The goal was to use warmer, natural materials as a counterweight to metal details and the matte pale blue fuel tank.

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Vintage BMW With Fuel Injected VW Engine

By Adam Arcane, words and photos

Brent is a retired pilot for a major airline who lives North of San Fran in a vineyard. He has a full shop and is surrounded by the things he loves, such as his perfect BSA Goldstar, and his pristine and rare R50S. He’s a master tech and everything he does is perfect. I spied his vintage BMW rig with its Zeppelin style Steib sidecar at a stoplight once upon a time. We hooked up and he shared his amazing, one-off rig with me. The Dover White R69S with matching Steib German car is something to see, and to ride. The VW 36 horse flat four was given a custom, designed by owner, fuel injection set up that works perfectly. Take a good look at the rig.

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What’s this? It’s a website focused on BMW motorcycles from 1923 to the present day. We have lots of experience with this topic, being riders and collectors, mechanics and road racing enthusiasts. We love stock machines, custom bikes, class leading technology, great imagery, and we’ll be covering BMW history and their long climb to the top of the superbike market with their S1000RR, now available in all carbon fiber.

Our interests are your interests, and we want to hear from you! We also are dyed in the wool lifelong enthusiasts of other storied marques, and we’ll run those photos from time to time. But, in the end, we are simply hooked on the flat twin Boxer in all of its varied iterations down through the years. Now that the R nineT has exploded the custom bike market, BMW life just got a lot more interesting. This is no longer the world of touring machines in black with double white pinstripes! We’ll range from the first Bavarian motorcycles, now unobtainium die to the strong collectors and investors market, to the modern era, begun in 1970 when BMW made the R75, to the present day when BMW has become The Marque to watch, no matter if you’re a Bologna fan or a Japan, Inc. rider.

So come along, share our tales both historic and slightly “Rowdy” in nature, and you’ll find our commentary enlightening, fresh, and right on. After five decades in many saddles, on many continents, in wet and dry, we’ll have many tales to tell. Auf wiederhoren! Oh, and it’s FREE!